“Markets are efficient, but there are different dimensions of risk and those lead to different dimensions of expected returns. That's what people should be concerned with in their investment decisions and not with whether they can pick stocks, pick winners and losers among the various managers delivering basically the same product.”

Eugene Fama, Ph.D, Nobel Laureate in Economics, 2013 – ChicagoBooth Magazine Fall 2013


“Trading is hazardous to your wealth”

Brad Barber UC, Davis & Terrance ODean UC, Berkley.  Journal of Finance April 2000


“The market timer’s Hall of Fame is an empty room”

Jane Bryant Quinn


These quotes could save you a lot of time and energy. 

Imagine if you never had to think about which stock you should be buying or whether or not you should be investing or selling in the markets today?

There is a point that some investors reach when they realize that most of what they read and hear about in the financial media has nothing to do with their personal financial journey.  We might call this a ‘tipping point’, an ‘epiphany’, or an ‘aha moment’.  

We guide our clients towards their goals using the power of the capital markets.  While markets are unpredictable in the short-term, their long-term returns have proven to be more consistent.  For example, stocks have provided greater returns than bonds which is consistent with the concept that investors demand greater returns for taking greater risks.

We help our clients understand that these market forces are their ally, not their foe.  We focus our energies on what we can control: pursuing client goals following prudent strategies.  Imagine how confident you’d be in your financial life knowing that you had a good map and reliable GPS signals to follow.  Are you ready to make a plan and confidently move your financial life forward?  We’re ready and excited to help you!